About Did's Pizza

Did's Pizza has a loyal customers base from Vancouver BC. to Venice beach CA. since 1983 and we thank them very much for being part of the gourmet connoisseurs elite that we have the pleasure to serve.


Did's Pizza Company humble beginning started at 630 Davie Street, Vancouver BC, in October 1982. At that time the area east of Granville street was mostly an industrial zone with companies such as auto body repair shops, Canadian Linen company, Western Living Magazine and a few clothing manufacturing outfits.


Did's Pizza struggled to stay afloat but slowly made noticeable progress due to the determination to make the best pizza ever made.

Did's Pizza developed the concept of amazing tasting gourmet pizzas BY THE SLICE to 17 locations in Vancouver and even five more in Venice Beach California.

Making the best crust is no picnic, trials and errors brought the deep understanding of chemical composition and intricate relationship and interactions between the flour used and the timing of the ingredients.

We do not use Italian flour, here is why: Italy is a great country known for its fine quality food products, designs and fashions, but it has limited land to grow wheat and it consumes all of it locally. It does however import wheat from one of the largest wheat producer country in the world "CANADA". So it is likely that the famous Italian flour bought at high price is no other than our very own Canadian wheat milled in Italy with a the added anti fungal chemical necessary to permit travel by tankers.



Did's Pizza use Canadian flour from Alberta and is proud of it. It is obviously your choice to eat what you want but the flour we use is natural unbleached flour and does not have to be treated with who knows what, in order to travel in marine tankers back and forth to distant shores. It is our opinion that Canadian flour is the very best quality flour money can buy.



Did's Pizza does not use any pork products at all on any of its pizzas and here is why.

First and foremost it has nothing to do with religious beliefs and health consciousness prevails.

Producing healthy food should always be paramount over profits.

Did's Pizza believes that keeping its customers healthy is the key to success as they will keep on coming back for years to come and live a longer life, everyone wins.

To get down to dollars and cents, a kilogram of pork pepperoni will cost one third less than a kilogram of beef pepperoni.

We use Alberta Grade A Free Range Beef Pepperoni and Salami, our base cost is double than its pork counterpart but once you taste it, you will know and understand why.

For the pork-free ham we use Free Range Smoked Turkey Jambon that tastes like the finest quality ham you can get but sets itself galaxies apart in flavor and texture. I am currently working with the manufacturer to produce a Turkey Cappicola which we hope to roll out soon!

Meat balls are home-made with fresh ground beef and cooked in house with fresh herbs and fresh grinded spices that makes these meatballs unique in flavor and texture. (Yum Scale... 10)



100% freshly grated locally manufactured Mozzarella is used on Did's Pizzas, we have the same supplier since 1983..

Did's Pizza has been approached by resellers of soy cheese and offered this product at a massive discount and was told that "the others guys" where cutting their cheese cost by using it.

Our response was simple we stay away from discount SOY cheese products completely as we do not compromise on quality and health. We understand the soy products are loaded with excess estrogen which is a cancer causing culprit.

When you eat soy products you think you eat healthy, think again!

Authentic real Mozzarella, Asiago, Parmigiano , Goat Cheese, Blue Cheese is what you will find on your pizzas when you order these toppings.



Did's Pizza strive to buy local products as much as possible, but finding red peppers in the middle of the winter can be a challenge at times so we go to our suppliers and personally hand-pick the vegetables several times a week, to ensure freshness and quality.